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Evaluate IT Support With Just Four Questions

Ask the right questions to really understand whether an IT Company is a fit for your organization. Here are the answers you'll hear from a company that is completely aligned with your business.

How is your IT service contract structured? Is there anything that you're charged extra for?

We provide truly flat-rate pricing. You will never be charged for labor. Ever. We will grow and contract with you with no changes to the level of service you'll receive.

Does your IT provider charge any type of on-boarding fee to get started? If so, how much?

We don't have any on-boarding fees to get started. We take all the risk. Our contract is simple and transparent, and aligns our business goals with yours.

Are you charged project fees, labor for system upgrades, office moves, or installing new equipment?

Zero project fees. Zero labor fees for ANY upgrades, moves, or installing equipment. You won't be charged for labor for anything.

Does your monthly IT service fee go up AND down based on your needs? How so?

A simple flat rate monthly fee only adjusts based on your success. Our contract scales as your business grows and even contracts if times get tough.

We Deliver Excellent IT Service

Our value proposition is simple. We proactively monitor and maintain your devices, servers, and network to secure your revenue through business continuity.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Resolve potential issues before they impact your business with 24/7/365 monitoring and continual maintenance of your devices, servers, and network. Our team is ready to help anytime, day or night.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Downtime means lost revenue. Our clients experience 99.99% uptime. Minimize the effects of disasters and stay ahead of hardware failure with the tools and processes in place for a quick recovery.

VoIP Services


Get crystal clear calls that you can rely on. With no PBX to manage, and a team for support, you save both time and money. Now your staff is no longer tied to a traditional phone and has the freedom to work anywhere.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Maximize your company's efficiency with on-demand access to your critical data. Gain the power to drive your business forward on any device, whether you're on the road or in the office.

Security Services

Security Services

Proactively secure your network, servers, and computers from malicious viruses, malware, and ransomware so your business can run efficiently and ultimately, increase profitability.

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Business Continuity

Ensure that your data is secure and recoverable in the event of an unforeseen disaster. We provide business continuity and disaster recovery planning customized for your business needs. Back up your mission-critical data files with the right tools and processes.





What Our Clients Say

JSC introduced an enormous amount of predictability for our teams.

"JSC has improved the integrity of our IT systems and introduced an enormous amount of predictability for our teams.

JSC has a system to track jobs that is far better than other companies we’ve utilized in the past.

If you are considering which firm to utilize, I would recommend asking each IT company about their ability to document, follow-up and create standards. JSC is one of the few companies I’ve encountered that understands the need to set standards and follow them in a practical fashion."

Paxton Schneider President
Alexander Forrest Investments

They always have a solution!

"Partnering with JS Computek gives us peace of mind, knowing that if we come into any issue with technology, it will be resolved by JS Computek. They always have a solution!

If our problems are big or small, we feel like it is important to JS Computek to troubleshoot and fix it quickly. Other IT companies would sometimes take days to address our issues.

We feel extremely confident that JSC is the best IT firm around for our business, we have been very happy with our business relationship. JSC is professional, diligent, patient, knowledgeable, and friendly."

Audrey Smith Office Manager
Law Offices of Karen Kraus Bill, L.L.C.

Choosing JSC is one of the best business decisions we’ve made.

"We tried other IT firms and, compared to JSC, were grossly underwhelmed with the quality of service and overall results we received. JSC is easy to use, easy to work with, and each day our network grows stronger and more secure. Choosing JSC is one of the best business decisions we’ve made."

Katie Brown Office Manager
Eng & Woods Attorneys at Law

JS Computek is a very professional, qualified group, whom are always kind and courteous.

“The biggest benefit my company has gotten since working with JSC is peace of mind. If there are computer issues I know there is a whole team to handle it. In the past with only internal IT resources many of our issues were temporarily repaired, so it is refreshing to have a group who knows our IT needs and helps us address them before they become a problem.

If you are on the fence about choosing an IT firm, I find that JS Computek is a very professional, qualified group, whom are always kind and courteous."

Joni Stewart Owner
Stewart Dental Laboratories

JSC's IT Sanity program lets me stay focused on my job.

“By using the IT Sanity service, it frees up time for our upper level management to focus on business projects and moving the company forward. In the past, when there was an IT issue it would require immediate attention and pull people away from their value-added roles and responsibilities. Being a small company, we have tried to hire our own internal IT personnel, but it was not cost effective.

Bundling software and IT support through JS Computek has helped bring a balance of budgeting and manpower. JS Computek provides a great value and they stand behind their service. There are no long-term contracts, so they must keep provide a great service at a reasonable price to maintain their customer base. This pushes them to constantly improve and ask for open feedback (positive or negative). That is exactly what you need to grow and succeed.”

Ryan Stockamp Director of Operations

Their service, foresight and planning, and concern for our business were above expectations.

“We changed to JS Computek from another provider that gave us poor service. After interviewing other companies, we choose JS mostly on price of service and discovered that their service, foresight/system planning, tips on security, and concern for our business were above expectations.

In our business, keeping client deadlines is a major deal and we cannot afford any down time; even on weekends. Since changing to the JSC IT Sanity program, down time has been minimal..”

Allan Moore Senior Real Estate Appraiser
Moore & Shryock

JSC feels like we have an in-house IT department.

“Since moving to JSC’s IT Sanity partnership I don’t have to worry about keeping track of all the projects. Jakub and his team keep on top of it and let me know what I need to take care of and what they take off my plate. They advise me on what needs to be done and we have discussions to prioritize the short and long-term projects to let me stay focused on my day-to-day job.”

“If you are looking for an IT Firm to trust, with JSC, it feels like we have an in-house IT department. Not only do they think of our needs when planning and consulting, but they respond rapidly to all communications and issues as they arise.”

Chris Spry Office Manager
Odle Sales Inc.

Jakub provided a straight forward approach and did what was promised.

“The biggest benefit to me and my company working with JSC is that we receive fast service. We can call anytime without extra charges and are more secure than ever.

JSC has been our IT company for a long time, others have come and gone whereas JSC is still there and with professional people. We first switched to JSC because our former company seemed to talk down to us and Jakub provided a straight forward approach and did what was promised.”

Jeff Glenn Owner Operator
Missouri Cotton Exchange

JSC has dramatically reduced our down time and cost due to technology issues.

“JSC has created commonality amongst all our computers and common vocabulary amongst our employees. Additionally JSC has trained our staff to use a process to troubleshoot and fix errors. JSC has very low employee turnover. This has allowed relationships to be created which accelerates problem solving.

If you are on the fence about choosing an IT firm know that, JSC has dramatically reduced our down time and troubleshooting cost due to technology issues. JSC has a rigid & disciplined approach which has made our company far more efficient.”

David Atkins CEO
Alexander Forrest Investments

Response time is GREAT! Issues are resolved very quickly.

“Since moving to their IT Sanity process each employee is able to create service tickets directly to JS Computek. This saves so much of my time, as each person doesn’t have to email me with their problems. The response time is GREAT! Issues are resolved very quickly, and if you are choosing an IT firm I would highly recommend JS Computek. Great group of people to work with!!!”

Robbin Griffith Office Manager
Brydon, Swearengen & England P.C.

JSC combines IT expertise with high integrity.

"Partnering with JSC has benefited us with network stability achieved by consistent support, problem solving, and upgrading based on our needs. All this provided by courteous, knowledgeable, and high integrity staff.

If you are choosing an IT firm to work with I’d tell you JS Computek is a company that provides excellent service and is trustworthy because they operate with high integrity and genuinely care about the businesses they serve.”

Becky Block Operations Manager
Direct Impaqt Print

JSC supports our network while working within our limited budget.

"I think the single biggest benefit to working with JS Computek has been the ability to support our network while working within our limited budget. I have enjoyed a very personal relatability to JS Computek, particularly, Jakub and his vast knowledge of the IT world. I often say, Jakub has forgotten more about IT than I’ve ever even known. I would recommend JS Computek because they have always had our organization’s network stability first in mind over pushing new services and/or projects."

Mike Acock Executive & Missions Pastor
Christian Fellowship of Columbia, MO

JSC gives us peace of mind and dependable IT people.

"Partnering with JSC gives us peace of mind and dependable IT people. When something goes wrong, because it will, JSC is able to rebuild the system and not lose any data.

JS Computek has Caleb, I wish we could clone 5 of him, we have so many different systems with different business and he knows everyone like the back of his hand. I can't say enough good things about JS computek - I seriously would not know what to do without them.

I have had horrible IT people before and have had the best. I would never complain about paying more for the best. In the long run it is a huge savings of time and money."

Charlotte Smarr Co-Owner/Manager
Ri-Mor Topsoil, Ri-Mor Mulch, Remsel Inc, CLEL Containers, Fringe Boutique, 63 Mini Storages

JSC helped us become a Proactive IT department versus a Reactive department.

"I would say the biggest benefit will be setting up our network with systems that will help turn us into a proactive IT department versus the reactive department we have been for so many years. In just the first few months, we are starting to see a difference in our network!

By adding their consulting firm to our IT staff, it has helped close gaps in knowledge and helped us to implement new and improved systems so that we can take our technology department to the level we want to be at.

As with any partnership, there have been a few issues that I have brought up, and JSC was very quick to address and fix the issues with us. I am very happy with our decision to sign up on the IT Sanity Program!"

Andrea Smithee Assistant to the President
Sinclair Research, L.L.C.